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Bridge the Gap with an App

With 95% parents now owning a smartphone and regularly using apps, Piota believe that customisable apps created specifically for schools are the future of engagement.

Piota build high quality apps that are completely free to download. Our apps can help schools streamline communication, cut costs, save time and aid pupil learning. Piota apps are used by Early Years Settings, Primary and Secondary schools throughout the UK.

Improve communications, engagement and feedback

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The Benefits of a School App

Improve communications, engagement and feedback. Save time and cost.

Better communication

With a Piota app, schools can send parents messages directly to their phone or tablet, significantly reducing the amount of lost communication. Alerts, reminders and news can all be sent in real-time to ensure that parents are always completely up to date.


Instant information

Your school app will be the ideal reference point for parents. Information regarding events, routines, term dates, clubs, school and class information, uniform regulation, curriculum information, lunch menus and much more can all be updated and posted within the app for quick and convenient viewing.


Reduce admin

Eliminate the problem of missing letters, unread emails and delayed responses with your school app. Forms and messages requiring replies can be sent using the app, with reminders sent to non-responders and replies automatically logged and collated. Response rates are increased whilst admin workload is significantly reduced for both admin staff and teachers.


Cut costs

Gone are the days of spending endless amounts of school funds on paper and printing. With an app, your school will be able to save costs on content materials by simply making the process electronic. Launch your app to both Apple and Android app stores for parents to download for free and enjoy the convenience of paperless news, permission slips and event calendars.


New source of evidence

Streamline the survey process through your school app by sending snap surveys that can be filled out quickly and efficiently. By giving parents the opportunity to fill out short questionnaires on a regular basis, the school will quickly build up useful evidence of school effectiveness to be used to show governors, Ofsted and improve processes internally.


Forward thinking

It is important for schools to make the most of the modern technology available. Handheld devices with easy-to-use apps have become an integral part of day to day life for many. A customised school app for parents and teachers, therefore, demonstrates the progressive attitude of an institution that is prepared to keep up with 21st Century demands.


Piota’s goal is to help schools communicate better with parents, carers and students. We understand that tight funds and limited administration time make bridging the gap between schools and parents a challenge so we designed the app to be simple and quick to use while still delivering meaningful gains for the school, parents and ultimately students.

With extensive experience in both education and app development, we have the sector insight and technological know-how to deliver an app that will revolutionise the way your school engages. The Piota team are all parents and have been heavily involved in education through various roles including advisor to DfE, MAT director, governors and PTA organisers.



Pupils parents engaged

100 Schools using our Apps

11,000 average page views per school per month

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Your App

Are you a school that is looking to share calendars, news, surveys and to automate administrative processes? Why not Put It On The App? Trends in Google search show that interest in school apps has increased exponentially in recent years. Times are changing and schools are looking to streamline processes and update operations in new and intelligent ways. Piota can create a sleek and individualised app that will help schools and parents communicate effortlessly and in real-time. Parents and teachers alike will love having accessible school information in the palm of their hands.

Parents, students, governors and whomever else the school wants to invite can download the app onto their phone from their app store for free. The school will have complete control of the information that is displayed and sent within the app, as well as access to Piota support and system upgrades to ensure the app is always performing perfectly.

What can you put on the app?

  • Messages, alerts and reminders
  • News stories, pictures, blogs and videos
  • Snap surveys
  • Forms, permission slips
  • Events and school calendars
  • Targeted messages to classes, clubs and specified groups


We will carefully develop your app to meet your customisation specifications, without having to make you wait for months for your app to be completed.

No obligation demo

The phone call is no-obligation, giving you time to consider the benefits a Piota app could have for your school.


Your App 2 weeks later

Once you choose to create a school app with Piota, we can have your project started and finished all within just two weeks.


A tutorial for your staff

After giving the staff of your school a 20 minute telephone tutorial explaining how to operate and upload content to the app, your app will be ready to launch.


Ready to engage parents

Once you are happy for parents to download your App we can launch it in the relevant stores and assist you with getting your parents engaged.

News & Views

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Piota Helps School Teacher to Design Free SEN App

Piota has recently helped SEN school teacher, Kierran Pearce, to develop an app that builds relationships between mainstream and special needs schools.


Educational App Store gives Piota 5 star teacher review

The whole Piota team is thrilled to have received a 5 star teacher review from the Educational App Store.


Treetops School App - Powered by Piota

Treetops is a Specialist School & College based in Grays, Essex. The school educates young people between the ages of 3 and 19 who experience moderate learning disabilities.

The App

The Piota School App in action


The whole world can see your App, which is why we advise schools to only publish non-classified information. Just like your website, your App should only feature information that should be published to a wide audience.

Data Storage

We understand the importance of knowing exactly where your secure data is being stored, which is why all of the data and content from a Piota App is stored on a UK based server and sent via encryption.

Data Compliance

Our data server is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Data Protection Act, ensuring your valuable information is always protected. Our Apps comply with UK laws and best practices.

Our Commitment

Once your App is completed your school will become the Data Controller and Piota will become the Data Processer. This means you will always be in charge of your own content and data with App support from the Piota team.


The cost of the Piota School App starts at £500 per year depending on pupil roll, choice of features and degree of set up help required.

Under 500 pupils

£500 per year

  • Plus £200 set up fee in Year 1
  • Customised
  • User Training
  • Telephone Support

500+ pupils

£1.00 per pupil per year

  • Plus £200 set up fee in Year 1
  • Customised
  • User Training
  • Telephone Support

Chains, Groups & Clusters


  • Bespoke group design
  • Customised for each school
  • User Training
  • Telephone and Onsite Support

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